VELFLINK - PERNINK Ski Resort (9 km)- 850 m above sea level

The area is especially suitable for families with children, ski instructors and advanced skiers. 4 ski lifts, evening skiing, snow skiing, ski equipment rental, ski school, refreshments.

For full-time beginners, but also for advanced adults and children, the ski school offers its services under the guidance of experienced instructors, which is right on the premises.

Babysitting is also provided.

Ski resort PLEŠIVEC(14 km) - 1030 m above sea level
the youngest area with the best technology - artificial snow, fast and comfortable chairlifts, over 10km of ski slopes, ski service, ski equipment rental, ski school, refreshment, restaurant, Apresski bar, children's park where there are four dozen different attractions, where the children will not be bored. A great attraction will be the mountain carousel, the only one in the Ore Mountains.

Zámek Lužec SPA & Welness Resort | Okres Karlovy Vary | Санаторные & Велнесс программы

Санаторные & Велнесс программы

Zámek Lužec SPA & Welness Resort | Okres Karlovy Vary | Свадьба в замке Lužec

Свадьба в замке Lužec

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