Spring Water Is Life

Water Is Life

Lužec naturally structured (drinking) spring water.

The water has a balanced chemical composition and unique taste.

The water source is located near the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary in a clean corner of the Ore Mountains and has long been known for its healing properties. When renovating and rebuilding Lužec castle in 1919 the spring was modified and an aqueduct stretching 600m was built to the castle.

The water was used for healing, drinking and preparing food in a sanatorium, which was located in the castle.

Today the water flows unaided, without the use of pumps, to the Spa hotel. The properties of Lužec water help normalize metabolic processes, clean the body, increase vigor, add beneficial minerals and energy to the organism, and of course quench thirst.

Thanks to the beneficial properties of "living" water it is possible to extend youth, preserve beauty and improve health.

With water man "drinks away 80 % of illnesses"

Properties of Lužec "living" spring water:

  • has bacteriological stability
  • does not foam when boiling
  • does not require additional cleaning
  • cleanses the body by removing pollutants and toxic substances
  • supplies the organism with mineral elements and energy
  • stabilizes digestion
  • helps reduce appetite when dieting
  • improves the process of absorption of proteins into the body, which allows one to overcome great physical strain
  • reduces weight without loss of micro and macro elements
  • reduce the symptoms of anxiety and tension, normalizes sleep.

Lužec  "living" spring water is optimally beneficial in terms of its content, micro- elements , it is possible for both adults and children to use it without the necessity of boiling.

Drink to health!

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