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SPA hotel Zámek Lužec has a modern balneology center and a wide selection of the traditional and modern procedures.

Client care is in the hands of qualified care personnel.

Other natural curative sources are mineral waters, gasses, bogs, peat, and mud (globally called peloids). Our wellness facilities uses peloids for wraps and also for baths with peloids infusion. They stimulate the thermoregulatory mechanisms of a body, improve the sensitivity of cells to oxygen and other active substances, have beneficial immunology and analgesic effects and help to soften ligaments. The wellness treatment is also completed with aqua therapy, reflex and underwater massages, and other physical therapy from artificial sources. 

Positive effects on a body are certainly not limited to the time you actually spend in wellness. The result of wellness care is not only a global “tuning” of your body, but also the feeling of relief and freshness. These effects positively and on a long-term basis intervene in the course of a disease or for prevention.

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SPA hotel Zámek Lužec has a modern balneology center and a wide selection of the traditional and modern procedures.

Opening hours of Spa & Wellness centrum:

Monday – Sunday
9:00 - 21:00 o´clock                 

Spa treatments at our sanatorium contribute to total relaxation, to maintain good mental and physical condition and to achieve full emotional and physical balance.

  • Roman sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Kneipp
  • Swimming pool with counterflow
  • Jacuzzi for 2 people

Information for Wellness Visitors

  • Wellness procedures must be reserved sufficiently in advance. Respect the timetable and established order.
  • Check in at the spa reception desk 10 minutes before your scheduled procedure.
  • Although unused procedures are forfeited, we ask that you notify us of your intention not to make use of a procedure ahead of time.
  • Inform the staff of your current health condition.
  • Sunbathing and the consumption of alcohol during spa therapy is not appropriate.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the spa. Please limit your use of perfume.
  • Jewellery, other valuables and mobile phones do not belong in the spa.
  • Bathrobes and slippers are available for guests.
  • The majority of procedures are performed on the naked body. The therapist covers you and only reveals the part of the body they are working on at the moment. Patients can wear bathing suits, but be forewarned that these garments will be exposed to oils, creams and other substances.
  • Let the therapist know what level of pressure and temperature is comfortable for you.
  • Respect the instructions and advice from the staff and do not interfere with equipment settings.
  • Respect other guests by keeping your voice down.
  • Leave time to relax after your procedures.
  • Please do not forget to bring any medication you use 
  • We wish you a pleasant relaxation stay at the spa
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