Lužec Chateau History

Karlovy Vary, which are 14 km distant from Lužec, has been the most popular Czech spa for 600 years and it has been visited by people from the whole world since times immemorial. People had been ascribing healing powers to Karlovy Vary’s thermal springs long before the town’s establishment. The town achieved real fame at the end of the 14th century when King Charles IV treated his hurting limbs with the thermal water from one of the local springs to the astonishment of the court doctors. The rumours of a “powerful place” spread all around Europe then, and the Karlovy Vary doctors started to figure out and improve all kinds of water treatments in the coming centuries.

At the same time, the history of Lužec Chateau started to be written. It was built on the basis of a royal decree of the Czech King Charles IV in the 14th century as a place where he could spend the night and take shelter from the weather during the royal hunts. Later the chateau was used for strategic placement of Jan Žižka’s army fighting the Crusaders, and it was also used as a laboratory of the Czech King Rudolph II who was attempting to invent the elixir of life in its halls.

The history of the spa of Karlovy Vary and Lužec Chateau are closely intertwined and they had experienced both decline and boom. These places have become best known in the times of disasters and wars. The most turbulent development of Karlovy Vary came about when sanatoria and convalescent homes started to be built in large numbers there. The period after World War I is the period of boom at Lužec Chateau when the local rich benefactor, Paul Albrecht Weinkauf, enthralled with the old tales and surrounding nature, charged the well-known Munich architect Brendel in 1919 to rebuild the old hunting lodge into a new chateau. Later, after the death of this magnate, the chateau was transferred into the ownership of a health insurance company which established a sanatorium in the town.

The spa of Karlovy Vary history is inseparably tied with World War II and the Fascist occupation as well. Luckily though, the town met with special favour of the German generals, and meritorious Luftwaffe pilots as well as Herman Goering himself were treated in the Lužec Chateau sanatorium in Karlovy Vary during the war. After the war and during 1945 the Czech and Slovak political elites enjoyed their recreation here. Afterwards, the spa was made accessible to the wide public of Czechoslovakia.

The current history of Lužec Chateau started in 2010 when a wide-scale reconstruction transformed this place into an elegant **** hotel styled into the ambience of a hunting lodge of Charles IV. The vicinity of the chateau has changed as well. Gazebos and lookouts have been built, as well as a park and a parking lot with 100 parking places. The clean nature and spring water, peace and amazing landscape owned for centuries by prominent nobles and kings remain untouched, though.

SPA Hotel Lužec Chateau **** introduces itself to its guests in a refurbished form in 2014. Today it is a modern spa hotel complex.

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