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PORCELAIN FACTORY THUN - Excursion to the porcelain factory in Nova Role –

Thun 1794 - it is the largest Czech porcelain producer. The company has manufacturing program shapes integrated utility and hotel porcelain, special cooking program, porcelain for kids and custom products for large international chains. It is a specific kind called hard porcelain( firing temperature of 1405 ° C)

Price per tour: adult CZ 140 CZK / person surcharge for language 40CZK / person Children under 15 years 60CZK / person porcelain school for children 60CZK / child - from 5 people Mo - Fr 10.45 and 13.45 Sa-Su by arrangement from 10.00 to 13.00 Factory Shop Mo-Fr 9.00 to 14.00

JAN BECHER MUSEUM - excursion to the Museum of Becherovka in Karlovy Vary - Jan Becher Museum is right on the site of a former factory Steinberk where the Becherovka was more than a hundred years. The original factory, where liquor traveled all over the world, gave in 1867 to build Jan Becher (originally written Johann). Times excursions all languages ​​are according to the weekly schedule from 9.00 to 17.00 pm. The price for the excursion: 120CZK / person, students / 60CZK / person child under 18 years 30CZK a family ticket 2 + 2 240CZK

MOSER GLASS MUSEUM - an excursion to the Museum Moser in Karlovy Vary, the new design of the exposition in modern interiors offers a tour tracking more than 155 years of history of the glassworks. The price for the excursion: Museum + glassworks 180CZK / person Museum – 80 CZK / person Glassworks 120CZK / person (break the glassworks from 10.30 to 11.15 hrs) Opening hours: Glassworks - from 9.00 to 14.30 museum 9.00 - 17,00hod. Tour is every half hour - watch out for a break in the glassworks - the last tour is 14.30!

TRADITION OF KARLOVY VARY  a client who wants to visit Thun, Becherovka and Moser - get a card and then just collect 3 stamps - will receive a card in reception or on any of the three fabriks - after accumulating 3 stamps will receive a small gift - a souvenir from each site.


BEER SPA NIVY - There is a 20 wooden baths for two (optional for one) and one large for the whole group. Anyone who bathes, get a glass of beer (one of the three species) as well as for internal use. It is the only place in Europe where tourists from full bus (max. 60 persons) can for three hours to try real beer bath aeromassages, taste specially prepared food and try the original Carlsbad beer. Most likely, this is the only place in the Czech Republic, where beer spa in Carlsbad pours 14% unfiltered unpasteurized black beer, which is brewed on site at the family brewery. Děpoltovice – Nivy – price from 600, -EUR / person

FISHING, HORSE RIDING - agrotourism center Pegas in Děpoltovice that specializes in horse breeding. PEGAS – Děpoltovice HORSE RIDING - CHILDREN from 400CZK / 20MIN. Tour during agrotourism – from 20CZK / PERSON - a sample of the locomotive simulator, arena for competitions and training halls, paddocks with horses and foals. Small corner with animals (mini sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits..) Carriages - 4-5Person – from 1000CZK Horse riding - trips with a guide 1 HOUR from 500CZK Price for fishing including one processed fish – from 800CZK / person/ day - an option to bye other fishes

TENNIS, PING-PONG, PETANQUE – privat place by: Ing.Jaromír Bočan - 777944345 a short walk from the hotel complex(ca 150meter), where you can use 2tenis courts, petanque, football field, play ping-pong and use the very small swimming in nature, including relaxation - Prices for renting: Tennis 270 CZK / hour rental - rocket 80 CZK and a set of tennis balls - CZK 50 Table tennis - ping pong – 130CZK / hour + hire - 80 CZK / bat balls - CZK 50 Pétanque - 80 CZK / hour - lending - a set of balls 80CZK

SWIMMING around the castle - 8km – NOVA ROLE - Natural swimming pool -

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