SPA hotel Zámek Lužec ****

SPA hotel Zámek Lužec **** Karlovy Vary

Spa hotel Zámek LužecWelcome!

Would you like to feel like a valiant knight or a noble lady of the Middle Ages for a while? And why just for a while? You can spend unforgettable days or weeks of your vacation in SPA hotel «Zámek Lužec»****, enjoying the authentic Medieval interiors, beautiful nature and feel more and more like an old fairy-tale hero with each day.

SPA hotel «Zámek Lužec»****, styled as a hunting chateau of the Czech King Charles IV, transfers us to the famous past with its aspect and interiors furnishing. The only “present-time” feature is the excellent level of care and maximum comfort, from the beautifully furnished rooms to a wide range of medical and relaxation programmes in SPA hotel «Zámek Lužec»****.

Spa hotel Zámek Lužec

The purest air and spring water, silence and charming nature, beautiful view and unrepeatable Medieval atmosphere in combination with comfort and first-class service – our hotel near Karlovy Vary will offer a fairy-tale like vacation, and give you energy and good mood!